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Disclaimer: *10% Discount Off Everyday Dealer Pricing for Sam’s Club Members. Sam’s Club Home Install Experts™ powered by Service Finance Company, LLC and its affiliates (collectively, “SFC”) through its third-party authorized dealers (“Dealers”) provide Sam’s Club Members with a 10% discount off the Everyday Dealer Pricing (excluding taxes and permit fees) for comparable home installation products and services in the Sam’s Club Member’s service area as set forth on the Dealer’s invoice. In order to ensure that the Sam’s Club Member receives the Everyday Dealer Pricing, SFC continually analyzes the range of prices charged by other licensed, qualified home installation service providers for both cash and credit purchases of comparable products and services in the geographic area that forms a 100-mile radius from the applicable Sam’s Club Member’s service location during the (approximately) 2-year period prior to the invoice date. Every invoice will show the Everyday Dealer Pricing for the home installation products and services purchased and the 10% discount provided for being a Sam’s Club Member.

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